We're Doing Our Jobs.
Our Lawmakers Need To Do Theirs.

Across New York State, union members are stepping up to do their jobs under the toughest circumstances. Here are some of their stories. We hope these inspire our lawmakers to do their jobs; to properly fund our state in this critical time.

"We are now doing four bus runs per day, making and delivering meals to 436 students and their families. That’s half our student population. My members are also cleaning buildings every day, creating and delivering homework packets and helping teachers prepare lessons."

~ Cheryl Rockhill, School bus monitor, transportation assistant, Brushton-Moira School District

"We have stayed ‘connected’ by any means necessary. We check on mental health, wellness, nutrition, physical, emotional and academic progress. The pause was extended, and we did what we do best, we adjusted, we modified, we collaborated — we found SUCCESS.  We did what we always do … Teach."

~ Maria Toepfer, First Grade Teacher, Winchester Elementary School, West Seneca

"We have all been affected by COVID-19 and school districts are one of the best lines of defense when the family system struggles.  My mission, as a school social worker, remains the same regardless of how the world changes – ensure our youth develop the skills necessary to manage mental/emotional challenges, advocate equity for all and remain an allied strength within the family structure."

~Marvin Horne, Licensed Master Social Worker, North Colonie Central School District

"I had a conversation with some teens right after schools were closed. They had a lot of questions about the virus. As I thought about their feelings, I found myself thinking about the lack of resources for teens online regarding COVID-19.  We came up with a campaign and a website that would highlight what teens are doing to stay safe and also to create and find ways to connect with each other and continue to build community."

~ Thea MacFawn, Founder, Capital Region Institute for Human Rights & We-can-together.com

How Are You Doing Your Job? 

NYSUT Members: Tell us how you and your colleagues have risen to the challenges of this health crisis.

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