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Fund Our Future.

Fund Our Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare deep societal inequalities that have existed all along. The burdens of this virus are falling on our most vulnerable.

Even before this crisis, public schools and colleges were struggling. This crisis has shown that  they are so much more than centers of learning: they are cornerstones of our communities.

More than ever, people understand that our schools and colleges feed our students, help their families deal with economic and social needs, and support entire communities. Schools and colleges will reopen and when they do, students deserve to come back to a more equitable, safe and dynamic learning environment.  

Now is the time to invest in our schools and colleges, not deny them the resources they need.

Our public health systems are under increasing stress and strain.

We have promised to never forget the sacrifices our health care professionals are making during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we shouldn't. They are saving our lives and putting their own on the line in the process. 

Honor the bravery of our health care workers: Invest in the security of our health care systems.

The digital divide has been steadily growing, but it's now a stark separation between those who will succeed and those who will be left behind.

Remote learning has brought into stark relief the difference between those with the means to access digital tools and connectivity and those without. It's now the difference between having an education and missing one entirely. 

The damage to our society could take generations to fix, but we can bridge the digital divide now.

As the neediest among us bear the brunt of this pandemic, food insecurity spreads. The loss of income has left working families struggling to pay for the most basic of necessities, and the poor struggling to survive.

Making the full, necessary investment in our schools and other institutions extends beyond the basic services they provide. It is also an investment that would ensure the health and well-being of children, families and communities.

There's no excuse for the United States to have any citizen lacking proper nutrition.

Union workers are stepping up during the COVID crisis in ways that are saving lives and inspiring New Yorkers each and every day.

Our hospitals are fully staffed.

Our members are assuring their neighbors are fed.

Our public college and university professors have continued classes online.

Teachers are educating children and supporting families.

As the State faces an unprecedented budget shortfall, our elected officials CANNOT turn their backs on these essential workers.

Now more than ever, our lawmakers need to invest in our communities. They need to Fund Our Future. This is not a question of resources; it is a question of will.

New York State has more than enough billionaires and ultra-millionaires to provide needed revenue. We don't need to close the budget gap on the backs of working people.

Many of our lawmakers have the will. They have stepped up and pledged their support to fund our future.

Make sure your lawmakers are on the right side of this fight. 

We're Doing Our Jobs.
Our Lawmakers Need To Do Theirs.

"We are now doing four bus runs per day, making and delivering meals to 436 students and their families. That’s half our student population. My members are also cleaning buildings every day, creating and delivering homework packets and helping teachers prepare lessons."

~ Cheryl Rockhill, School bus monitor, transportation assistant, Brushton-Moira School District

"We have stayed ‘connected’ by any means necessary. We check on mental health, wellness, nutrition, physical, emotional and academic progress. The pause was extended, and we did what we do best, we adjusted, we modified, we collaborated — we found SUCCESS.  We did what we always do … Teach."

~ Maria Toepfer, First Grade Teacher, Winchester Elementary School, West Seneca

"We have all been affected by COVID-19 and school districts are one of the best lines of defense when the family system struggles.  My mission, as a school social worker, remains the same regardless of how the world changes – ensure our youth develop the skills necessary to manage mental/emotional challenges, advocate equity for all and remain an allied strength within the family structure."

~Marvin Horne, Licensed Master Social Worker, North Colonie Central School District

"I had a conversation with some teens right after schools were closed. They had a lot of questions about the virus. As I thought about their feelings, I found myself thinking about the lack of resources for teens online regarding COVID-19.  We came up with a campaign and a website that would highlight what teens are doing to stay safe and also to create and find ways to connect with each other and continue to build community."

~ Thea MacFawn, Founder, Capital Region Institute for Human Rights &

How Are You Doing Your Job? 

NYSUT Members: Tell us how you and your colleagues have risen to the challenges of this health crisis.

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